Open Source Business Platforms


OpenSource Business Platform

MAM-IT Offers Integration and implementation for different categories open source business platforms ,

The Open Source model harnesses the power of expensive licensing without the costs, creating a flexible platform that is easy to adjust according to customer needs and reviews.

Primary benefits of open source software are:

▪ Choice: By its very nature, open source software is available with a minimum licensing control , meaning that no one company owns the software. Any company can build upon open source software. It may be operated and maintained by multiple vendors, reducing both barriers to entry and exit.

▪ Reliability: Open source is peer reviewed software, which leads to more stability and reliability. Most of the internet trusted and well running services are built on open-source programs such as DNS, sendmail, Apache

▪ Security: Open source enables anyone to examine software for security tests.

▪ Fast deployment: With open source software consumers needn’t wait years to deploy a solution. Open source software can be “test driven” .

MAM-IT’s Expert of developers and consolidation team , are highly efficient and qualified to implement and develop open source platforms to serve small to midsize business needs in different sections.

Benefits of MAM-IT business platform solutions:

▪ Flexibility

▪ Trainings Support

▪ Pushed Regular Updates

▪ Free Expansion Consolidation

▪ Data Migration and Import

▪ 24/7 monitoring

▪ On call and onsite support

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