Managed IT Services and IT Support


Managed services are simply :

Outsourcing your core and critical IT requirements To an IT specialized company .
When it is unnecessary for a company to have their own IT team, because it’s not their core business.

It starts with issues like:

What servers to buy? Or which firewall to install? What do you do when an operating system or email system is down? How do you handle a security breach or network disruptions? .

With MAM-IT, your business can successfully reduce costs and complexities, while increasing operational capacity.
To start, we provide you with hardware or software to match your business requirements.
Then, we manage everything including: the hardware, software, network, security and backup.

Everything can be modified to your needs. Our engineers are always on call, ready to support your entire system. We ensure up time is maximized, while eliminating down time. With minimal investment, you reduce the manpower costs associated with training and managing your IT systems. Our experienced, certified engineers allow you to focus on what you do best.

How Preventive maintenance happens :

Preventative maintenance monitors all of your network’s systems 24X7 and detects network and hardware failures before they occur.
Using advanced probe and network monitoring systems,you won’t even feel the process.

Managed IT Services Solution :

– Customized solutions to best support your business needs

– Initial projects to stabilize and baseline your IT resources

– 24×7 performance monitoring of your key devices, applications and IT resources

– Remote and onsite maintenance services

– High priority on maintenance calls

– Comprehensive reporting, analysises and consultation

– Greater transparency into IT performance, trends and planning


– Network and system stability and safety

– Security plans and services

– Desktop services

– Help desk services for users

– Data protection through backup solution

– Effective planning for functionality, capacity and performance

– Application support with 3rd party vendors

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