Cloud IaaS & Virtualization


Common concerns when managing your servers in-house:

Server management is time consuming.

Server hardware failure is costly.

Upgrading your server is expensive and creates long downtime.

Servers consume precious space and power.

Servers require constant monitoring to avoid security breaches and viruses.


Customize your server’s capacity by making a 2 minute phone call.

Introduce constant third party monitoring to increase protection.

Ensure that you servers are up and running 100% of the time.

Benefits of cloud and virtualization 

  • Pay As You Go: Pay on requirements expansion , you don’t have to run on your own resources of energy and space , run on shared resources .
  • Availability: By it’s being hosted under high end and T1-4 data centers , IaaS insures high availability mirroring and replication so your resources will be always in redundancy mode .
  • Security: Benefit from Web filtering , Content Filtering , Firewall/Super Firewall , IPS/IDS , Antispam, and Antivirus.
  • Choice: Multiple and flexible choices to suit your business’s customization .

 Add to this :

  • flexibility
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • security
  • connectivity
  • Reduction of upfront capital investment for hardware
  • Reliability
  • control

Virtualization services – the core of every cloud:

MAM-IT’s’ virtualization services enable the resources of a single physical server, such as CPU, memory and storage, to be shared by multiple virtual servers.

Technologies of protection and integration of those servers insures the high availability, increased flexibility, and more efficient processes than in a regular physical architecture.

Accessing these virtualized server happens by their integration with web portal , and they are managed even by customer or IaaS solution provider .

Main Virtualization Benefits:

  • Flexibility when deploying new applications and different types of servers.
  • Quickly and easily build high availability architectures and disaster recovery platforms
  • Consolidate and optimize hardware resources to control and cut solution costs.
  • Easy to maintain and to scale .
  • Easy to access from any part of the world so you can globalize your business .
  • Less management time and less manpower required .
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