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Welcome to MAM IT Managed Services and IT Support Thailand


MAM-IT is an IT service provider located in Bangkok that offers Managed IT solutions and IT Support to help small midsize businesses focusing on what they do best : Marketing and Selling their products and services.Get the benifits of our Virtual CIO to help you optimize and scale your system and network structure to fit your business growth on best practices based designs and advise


Network Services

High end and legacy network hardware from : Cisco, Juniper , HP , IBM , heckpoint , Dell , Sonic wall, as well as many other cost saving solutions

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Cloud & Virtualization

Customize your server’s by making a 2 minutes call, Introduce constant monitoring to increase protection and Ensure that you servers are running 100% of the time

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Open Source
Business Platforms

OpenSource grants the power of distributed peer review and transparency to create high-quality, secure, integrated software at a ..

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IT Managed Services

Preventative maintenance monitors all of your network’s systems 24X7 and detects network and hardware failures before they occur

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